2021 Foresight: The Role of the Private Sector in Moving Towards a Healthier Post-Pandemic World

Globesight’s Virtual Conversation convened The Global Fund’s Head of Private Sector Engagement, John Fairhurst, and President and COO of (RED), Jennifer Lotito to discuss the role of the private sector in moving to a healthier post-pandemic world. As the world steps into 2021 and with the advent of successful treatments and vaccines,  the global conversation is shifting towards recovery, rebuilding, and resilience. Activating the capacities and innovative thinking of the private sector will be crucial to achieving a sustainable, holistic recovery in 2021, as well as building stronger health systems in the years to come. Moderated by Globesight’s Executive Director, Taufiq Rahim, the discussion explored how global health institutions, such as The Global Fund are approaching the changing response and looking to the future, as well as how the private sector can aid in maintaining the momentum and awareness of global health. 

Jennifer Lotito stressed the importance of a concerted global effort, explaining that, “The roll-out in ending COVID will be the biggest global health effort in the history of the world. That means that governments need to step up, and the private sector needs to step up.” 

For leaders in the UAE private sector, they will be at the forefront of that conversation, particularly as it relates to the  Middle East, South Asia, and East Africa. When it comes to domestic responses, John Fairhurst highlighted that, “the global response must invest in local resilience. The skill transfer, investment, and support for building the resilience of the domestic private sector is also very important to build world-class capabilities to address crises like COVID. The private  sector has an incredible role to play in building the private sectors in other countries.” As Jennifer Lotito concluded, “Until all of us are safe, none of us are safe.” 

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