Our Story

Globesight was re-launched in 2014 to provide strategic counsel for effective social impact. Our belief was that every positive change is one step in the right direction, and that transformation will emerge from engagement, inclusive and collaborative effort, passion, innovation, and a lens to the world that can be – a better world – world that is more just, more inclusive, more equitable and more decent. What started as an idea has evolved into a determination – into our way. Not only do we still hold this belief from our learning over the years, we believe it more strongly and it informs every aspect of our work. Our focus today is to advance meaningful impact for transformative global development.

Our Values

These are the values we strive to improve through our work. Through every inquiry, every initiative, every engagement and every solution we are seeking to make the world better – more just, more inclusive, more equal and more decent.


The quality of being fair, equitable, unbiased and non-discriminatory.


The state of ensuring everyone can be and is included to participate in and benefit from basic human rights and opportunities.


The state of being equal, in status, rights and opportunities.

Our Commitments

These are the commitments we make to each other, our partners, and our communities that ensure meaningful impact from our work and transformative development for our world.

Belief in doing things the right way – thoughtful and principled. We don’t work with the defense sector/serve political agendas.

Belief in the power of connection, involvement, collaboration, and respect and the benefit that emerges from harnessing the richness of ideas, backgrounds, and perspectives.

Belief in originality, invention, and innovation. We apply them in our deep knowledge, strategic skills, and analytical rigor.