Navigating the Nexus of Climate Change, Health, and Nutrition in Pakistan

Author: Globesight | 25 Jul 2023

This report is a product of Globesight’s ongoing efforts to highlight climate change as a pressing health crisis in the Global South. In May 2023, Globesight hosted a virtual panel to highlight the challenges faced by high-risk populations in Pakistan, as well as bring forth innovative solutions through an expert panel of speakers. It outlines the key findings from the virtual panel; highlighting gaps in approaches, advocating for effective use of data, evidence, and communication strategies, and identifies the need for institutional commitment to protect the population’s health and nutrition.

Key Insights


  • Climate-related health risks need to be analyzed through a multisectoral lens.
  • Institutional willingness, commitment, and collaboration is the key to translating climate-related health and nutrition policy into action.
  • Comprehensive data collection and dissemination are needed to enhance resilience.

Focus Areas


The virtual roundtable was hosted on May 24, 2023.