Mobilize Millions: Investing in the Fintech Gender Dividend in Pakistan

Author: Globesight | 01 Sep 2022

Globesight began advocating for improved gender-equal access to digital, mobile and financial platforms within our countries of focus, through the Mobilize Millions campaign. Globesight is also a “commitment maker” under the UN Women Gender Equality Forum’s Action Coalition on Technology and Innovation for Gender Equality, which aims to reduce the gender digital divide across generations by accelerating meaningful access to digital technologies and universal digital literacy by 2026.

This Outcomes Report highlights the findings from the virtual roundtable “Mobilize Millions: Investing in the Fintech Gender Dividend in Pakistan” hosted in partnership with Globesight and the Pakistan Fintech Network. The roundtable focused on how growth companies can capture the opportunity that the gender dividend offers by expanding its total addressable market while at the same time serving the underbanked and unbanked in Pakistan, who are mostly women.

Key Insights

  • Addressing barriers to women’s digital financial inclusion is key 
  • Greater representation of women across sectors can advance digital financial inclusion agendas 
  • An investment for everyone: Companies should recognize that interacting with and supporting gender inclusion is not just about moral soundness but is in fact a commercially viable and profitable investment
  • There are two primary approaches to improve women’s inclusion within fintech
  • Practices that enable financial app onboarding for women are of critical importance

Focus Areas


The virtual roundtable was held in partnership with the Pakistan Fintech Network.